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Francis George

Professional Content Creator Based on Long Island, New York


This is the part where I get to write about myself in the 3rd person to convince you that I'm so amazing and you should hire me to make cool videos because I have all these accomplishments that make me more qualified than all the other nerds behind a camera. (*takes deep breathe*) Here we go...

Francis George is a professional Content Creator who built his reputation in Olympic Sailing & the Yacht Racing industry. His work has been published on NBC New York, Fox News, Goodmorning America Digital, and most of the top sailing magazines including WindCheck and Sailing World.

Recently, his work has taken a shift toward other genres as he does more multimedia journalism on Hispanic culture and contemporary events.

If you're interested in contacting him about a project. Feel free to send him an email through the link below.



2018 Sailing World Magazine - 1500 word article and three images.
2018 Sail Magazine Online - Atlantic Cup Video Mini Series
2017 Wind Check Magazine - Cover shot and two articles with four images each.
2016 Nautical Channel - Atlantic Cup Documentary

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